AppResult AppResult AppResult Class


Representation of a view element in the app.

public class AppResult
type AppResult = class
Public Class AppResult


AppResult() AppResult() AppResult()

Initializes a new instance of the AppResult class.


Class Class Class

The class of the view element.

Description Description Description

A platform specific text representation of the view element.

Enabled Enabled Enabled

Whether the element is enabled or not.

Id Id Id

The identifier of the view element. For Android: The id of the element. For iOS: The accessibilityIdentifier of the element.

Label Label Label

The label of the view element. For Android: The contentDescription of the element. For iOS: The accessibilityLabel of the element.

Rect Rect Rect

The AppRect rectangle representing the elements position and size.

Text Text Text

The text of the view element.

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