UsbClass Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types.

public enum UsbClass
type UsbClass = 


AppSpec 254

Application specific USB class.

Audio 1

USB class for audio devices.

CdcData 10

USB class for CDC devices (communications device class).

Comm 2

USB class for communication devices.

ContentSec 13

USB class for content security devices.

CscId 11

USB class for content smart card devices.

Hid 3

USB class for human interface devices (for example, mice and keyboards).

Hub 9

USB class for USB hubs.

MassStorage 8

USB class for mass storage devices.

Misc 239

USB class for wireless miscellaneous devices.

PerInterface 0

USB class indicating that the class is determined on a per-interface basis.

Physica 5

USB class for physical devices.

Printer 7

USB class for printers.

StillImage 6

USB class for still image devices (digital cameras).

VendorSpec 255

Vendor specific USB class.

Video 14

USB class for video devices.

WirelessController 224

USB class for wireless controller devices.


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