AudioTrack.SetNotificationMarkerPosition(Int32) AudioTrack.SetNotificationMarkerPosition(Int32) Method


Sets the position of the notification marker.

[Android.Runtime.Register("setNotificationMarkerPosition", "(I)I", "GetSetNotificationMarkerPosition_IHandler")]
public virtual Android.Media.TrackStatus SetNotificationMarkerPosition (int markerInFrames);
abstract member SetNotificationMarkerPosition : int -> Android.Media.TrackStatus
override this.SetNotificationMarkerPosition : int -> Android.Media.TrackStatus


Int32 Int32

marker position in wrapping frame units similar to PlaybackHeadPosition, or zero to disable the marker. To set a marker at a position which would appear as zero due to wraparound, a workaround is to use a non-zero position near zero, such as -1 or 1.



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