ChangeTransform.CaptureStartValues(TransitionValues) ChangeTransform.CaptureStartValues(TransitionValues) Method


Captures the values in the start scene for the properties that this transition monitors.

[Android.Runtime.Register("captureStartValues", "(Landroid/transition/TransitionValues;)V", "GetCaptureStartValues_Landroid_transition_TransitionValues_Handler")]
public override void CaptureStartValues (Android.Transitions.TransitionValues transitionValues);
override this.CaptureStartValues : Android.Transitions.TransitionValues -> unit


TransitionValues TransitionValues

The holder for any values that the Transition wishes to store. Values are stored in the values field of this TransitionValues object and are keyed from a String value. For example, to store a view's rotation value, a transition might call transitionValues.values.put("appname:transitionname:rotation", view.getRotation()). The target view will already be stored in the transitionValues structure when this method is called.


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