ComplexType ComplexType Enum


Enumerates values returned by several methods of ComplexType.

public enum ComplexType
type ComplexType = 


MantissaMask MantissaMask 16777215

Complex data: mask to extract mantissa information (after shifting by MantissaShift).

MantissaShift MantissaShift 8

Complex data: bit location of mantissa information.

Radix0p23 Radix0p23 3
Radix16p7 Radix16p7 1
Radix23p0 Radix23p0 0
Radix8p15 Radix8p15 2
RadixMask RadixMask 3

Complex data: mask to extract radix information (after shifting by RadixShift).

RadixShift RadixShift 4

Complex data: where the radix information is, telling where the decimal place appears in the mantissa.


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