MotionEventButtonState MotionEventButtonState Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the F:Android.Views.MotionEvent.IsButtonPressed, and F:Android.Views.MotionEvent.Obtain members.

public enum MotionEventButtonState
type MotionEventButtonState = 


Back Back 8

Button constant: Back button pressed (mouse back button).

Forward Forward 16

Button constant: Forward button pressed (mouse forward button).

Primary Primary 1

Button constant: Primary button (left mouse button).

This button constant is not set in response to simple touches with a finger or stylus tip.

Secondary Secondary 2

Button constant: Secondary button (right mouse button, stylus first button).

StylusPrimary StylusPrimary 32
StylusSecondary StylusSecondary 64
Tertiary Tertiary 4

Button constant: Tertiary button (middle mouse button, stylus second button).


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