ViewGroup.GetChildVisibleRect(View, Rect, Point) ViewGroup.GetChildVisibleRect(View, Rect, Point) Method


Compute the visible part of a rectangular region defined in terms of a child view's coordinates.

[Android.Runtime.Register("getChildVisibleRect", "(Landroid/view/View;Landroid/graphics/Rect;Landroid/graphics/Point;)Z", "GetGetChildVisibleRect_Landroid_view_View_Landroid_graphics_Rect_Landroid_graphics_Point_Handler")]
public virtual bool GetChildVisibleRect (Android.Views.View child, Android.Graphics.Rect r, Android.Graphics.Point offset);
abstract member GetChildVisibleRect : Android.Views.View * Android.Graphics.Rect * Android.Graphics.Point -> bool
override this.GetChildVisibleRect : Android.Views.View * Android.Graphics.Rect * Android.Graphics.Point -> bool


View View

A child View, whose rectangular visible region we want to compute

Rect Rect

The input rectangle, defined in the child coordinate system. Will be overwritten to contain the resulting visible rectangle, expressed in global (root) coordinates

Point Point

The input coordinates of a point, defined in the child coordinate system. As with the r parameter, this will be overwritten to contain the global (root) coordinates of that point. A null value is valid (in case you are not interested in this result)




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