HitTestResult HitTestResult Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types.

public enum HitTestResult
type HitTestResult = 


AnchorType AnchorType 1
EditTextType EditTextType 9

HitTestResult for hitting an edit text area.

EmailType EmailType 4

HitTestResult for hitting an email address.

GeoType GeoType 3

HitTestResult for hitting a map address.

ImageAnchorType ImageAnchorType 6
ImageType ImageType 5

HitTestResult for hitting an HTML::img tag.

PhoneType PhoneType 2

HitTestResult for hitting a phone number.

SrcAnchorType SrcAnchorType 7

HitTestResult for hitting a HTML::a tag with src=http.

SrcImageAnchorType SrcImageAnchorType 8

HitTestResult for hitting a HTML::a tag with src=http + HTML::img.

UnknownType UnknownType 0

Default HitTestResult, where the target is unknown.


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