LineScanner LineScanner LineScanner Class


Scans Transact-SQL statements searching for individual units of code (tokens).

public ref class LineScanner
public class LineScanner
Public Class LineScanner


LineScanner() LineScanner() LineScanner()

Initializes a new instance of the LineScanner class by using a default ParseOptions object.


BatchSeparator BatchSeparator BatchSeparator

Gets or sets the string that is used to separate a single script into multiple batches.

IsSqlCmdModeEnabled IsSqlCmdModeEnabled IsSqlCmdModeEnabled

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the scanner is enabled for Transact-SQL.


DefineToken(Int32, TokenType, TokenTriggers) DefineToken(Int32, TokenType, TokenTriggers) DefineToken(Int32, TokenType, TokenTriggers)

Creates a token definition and adds it to the array of token definitions.

PopulateDefiniton(TokenInfo) PopulateDefiniton(TokenInfo) PopulateDefiniton(TokenInfo)

Fills the TokenInfo object with the token definition.

ScanTokenAndProvideInfoAboutIt(TokenInfo, Int32) ScanTokenAndProvideInfoAboutIt(TokenInfo, Int32) ScanTokenAndProvideInfoAboutIt(TokenInfo, Int32)

Parses the next language token from the current line and returns information about it.

SetSource(String, Int32) SetSource(String, Int32) SetSource(String, Int32)

Sets the line to be parsed.

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