ICMAttachmentBearer Interface


Marker interface for type that can bear attachments.

public interface ICMAttachmentBearer : ObjCRuntime.INativeObject
type ICMAttachmentBearer = interface
    interface INativeObject


Application developers can use the static and extension methods of the CMAttachmentBearer class to operate on the dictionaries of attachments that come with system-defined objects that implement this interface.



Handle (pointer) to the unmanaged object representation.

(Inherited from INativeObject)

Extension Methods

GetAttachment<T>(ICMAttachmentBearer, CMSampleBufferAttachmentKey, CMAttachmentMode)
GetAttachment<T>(ICMAttachmentBearer, String, CMAttachmentMode)

Returns the attachment that is identifed by key and writes the attachment propagation mode to attachmentModeOut.

GetAttachments(ICMAttachmentBearer, CMAttachmentMode)

Returns an array of all the bearer's attachments and the attachment propagation mode to attachmentMode.

GetAttachments<TKey,TValue>(ICMAttachmentBearer, CMAttachmentMode)
PropagateAttachments(ICMAttachmentBearer, ICMAttachmentBearer)

Propagates the attachments that belong to source and are allowed to propagate to destination.


Removes all of target's attachment.'

RemoveAttachment(ICMAttachmentBearer, String)

Removes the attachment that is identifed by key.

SetAttachment(ICMAttachmentBearer, String, INativeObject, CMAttachmentMode)

Attaches value to the bearer with the specified key and attachmentMode.

SetAttachments(ICMAttachmentBearer, NSDictionary, CMAttachmentMode)

Attaches theAttachments to the bearer with the specified attachmentMode.

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