MediaDataPart MediaDataPart MediaDataPart Class


Represents a media (Audio, Video) data part in the document.

public class MediaDataPart : DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Packaging.DataPart
type MediaDataPart = class
    inherit DataPart
Public Class MediaDataPart
Inherits DataPart


ContentType ContentType ContentType

Gets the content type (MIME type) of the data in the part.

(Inherited from DataPart)

OpenXmlPackage OpenXmlPackage OpenXmlPackage

Gets the OpenXmlPackage which contains the current part.

(Inherited from DataPart)

Uri Uri Uri

Gets the internal part path in the package.

(Inherited from DataPart)


FeedData(Stream) FeedData(Stream) FeedData(Stream)

Feeds data into the part stream. The stream of the part will be truncated at first.

(Inherited from DataPart)

GetDataPartReferenceRelationships() GetDataPartReferenceRelationships() GetDataPartReferenceRelationships()

Enumerates all DataPartReferenceRelationships that reference the current data part.

(Inherited from DataPart)

GetStream() GetStream() GetStream()

Returns the content data stream of the current part.

(Inherited from DataPart)

GetStream(FileMode) GetStream(FileMode) GetStream(FileMode)

Returns the content stream that was opened using a specified I/O FileMode.

(Inherited from DataPart)

GetStream(FileMode, FileAccess) GetStream(FileMode, FileAccess) GetStream(FileMode, FileAccess)

Returns the content stream of the part that was opened by using a specified FileMode and FileAccess.

(Inherited from DataPart)

ThrowIfObjectDisposed() ThrowIfObjectDisposed() ThrowIfObjectDisposed()

Indicates whether the object is destroyed (deleted from the package).

(Inherited from DataPart)

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