EditPoint.EndOfDocument Method


Moves the edit point to the end of the document.

public void EndOfDocument ();


Sub EndOfDocumentExample()  
   Dim objTextDoc As TextDocument  
   Dim objEditPt As EditPoint, iCtr As Integer  

   ' Create a new text file.  
   DTE.ItemOperations.NewFile("General\Text File")  

   ' Get a handle to the new document and create an EditPoint.  
   objTextDoc = DTE.ActiveDocument.Object("TextDocument")  
   objEditPt = objTextDoc.StartPoint.CreateEditPoint  

   ' Insert ten lines of text.  
   For iCtr = 1 To 10  
     objeditpt.Insert("This is a test." & Chr(13))  
   Next iCtr  

End Sub  

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