StackFrame StackFrame StackFrame Interface


Used to examine and manipulate stack frames. A stack frame is essentially the same thing as a function call.

public interface StackFrame
type StackFrame = interface
Public Interface StackFrame


Arguments Arguments Arguments

Gets a collection of expressions that represent the arguments passed to this frame.

Collection Collection Collection

Gets the collection that contains the object that supports this property or is contained in this code construct. Returns null for an object that is not obtained from a collection.


Gets the top-level extensibility object.

FunctionName FunctionName FunctionName

Gets the function name of this stack frame.

Language Language Language

Gets the programming language that is associated with the stack frame.

Locals Locals Locals

Gets a collection of expressions that represent the locals that are currently known by this frame.

Module Module Module

Gets the module name for this stack frame. A module is a group of functions.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the immediate parent object of a StackFrame object.

ReturnType ReturnType ReturnType

Gets a string that contains the return type for the stack property.

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