VirtualPoint.CodeElement[vsCMElement] VirtualPoint.CodeElement[vsCMElement] VirtualPoint.CodeElement[vsCMElement] Property


Returns the code element at the VirtualPoint location.

[get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(51)]
public EnvDTE.CodeElement CodeElement[EnvDTE.vsCMElement Scope] { get; }
member this.CodeElement(EnvDTE.vsCMElement) : EnvDTE.CodeElement
Public ReadOnly Property CodeElement(Scope As vsCMElement) As CodeElement
vsCMElement vsCMElement vsCMElement

Required. A vsCMElement constant indicating the code element with the specified kind that contains the editor location.

Property Value


If the specified code element type is not at the VirtualPoint location, then the CodeElement object returns Nothing. The CodeElement object is a shortcut for TextPoint.Parent.Parent.ProjectItem.CodeModel.CodeElementFromPoint(TextPoint, <scope>)

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