VirtualPoint.GreaterThan(TextPoint) VirtualPoint.GreaterThan(TextPoint) VirtualPoint.GreaterThan(TextPoint) Method


Returns whether the value of the calling object's AbsoluteCharOffset property is greater than that of the given point object.

public bool GreaterThan (EnvDTE.TextPoint Point);
abstract member GreaterThan : EnvDTE.TextPoint -> bool
Public Function GreaterThan (Point As TextPoint) As Boolean
TextPoint TextPoint TextPoint

Required. A TextPoint to compare to the calling point object.


A Boolean value indicating true if Point has a smaller AbsoluteCharOffset property value compared to the calling point object's AbsoluteCharOffset property.


GreaterThan throws a ArgumentException exception if Point is not in the same document as the calling point object. GreaterThan compares the virtual positions if the argument is a VirtualPoint; otherwise it compares the "physical" positions.

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