NSMutableAttributedString.LowLevelSetAttributes(IntPtr, NSRange) NSMutableAttributedString.LowLevelSetAttributes(IntPtr, NSRange) Method


Low-level version of SetAttributes for high throughput attribute setting.

public virtual void LowLevelSetAttributes (IntPtr dictionaryAttrsHandle, Foundation.NSRange range);
abstract member LowLevelSetAttributes : nativeint * Foundation.NSRange -> unit
override this.LowLevelSetAttributes : nativeint * Foundation.NSRange -> unit


IntPtr IntPtr

Handle to an NSDictionary with the attributes to set.

NSRange NSRange

Range to apply the attributes to.


In general, you should use the LowLevelGetAttributes(nint, NSRange) methods, which will return a high-level NSDictionary.

This is the low-level interface to NSMutableAttributedString and in general is only used when you must subclass and override the behavior. You are expected to consume the provided IntPtr that represents a handle to an NSDictionary. This API is kept as a low-level API, since it is consumed by NSTextStorage which might call this method thousands of times per character insertion, so it is very important that this is kept as fast as possible.

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