AdomdParameter AdomdParameter AdomdParameter Class


Represents a parameter to an AdomdCommand object.

public ref class AdomdParameter sealed : MarshalByRefObject, ICloneable, System::Data::IDbDataParameter
public sealed class AdomdParameter : MarshalByRefObject, ICloneable, System.Data.IDbDataParameter
Public NotInheritable Class AdomdParameter
Inherits MarshalByRefObject
Implements ICloneable, IDbDataParameter


AdomdParameter() AdomdParameter() AdomdParameter()

Initializes a new instance of the AdomdParameter class.

AdomdParameter(String, Object) AdomdParameter(String, Object) AdomdParameter(String, Object)

Initializes a new instance of the AdomdParameter class with the name and value of the AdomdParameter.


DbType DbType DbType

Gets or sets the DbType of the AdomdParameter object.

Direction Direction Direction

Gets or sets a value indicating the direction of the parameter. Always returns ParameterDirection.Input.

IsNullable IsNullable IsNullable

Gets a value indicating whether the parameter accepts null values. Always returns false.

ParameterName ParameterName ParameterName

Gets or sets the name of the AdomdParameter.

Precision Precision Precision

Gets or sets the maximum number of digits used to represent the Value property.

Scale Scale Scale

Gets or sets the number of decimal places to which the Value is resolved.

Size Size Size

Gets or sets the maximum size, in bytes, of the data within the column.

SourceColumn SourceColumn SourceColumn

Gets or sets the name of the source column mapped to the DataSet and used for loading or returning the Value.

SourceVersion SourceVersion SourceVersion

Gets or sets the DataRowVersion to use when loading Value. This property always returns DataRowVersion.Current.

Value Value Value

Gets or sets the value of the parameter.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new AdomdParameter object that is a copy of the current instance.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a string representation of AdomdParameter object.

Explicit Interface Implementations

ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone() ICloneable.Clone()

Creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.

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