HierarchyOrigin HierarchyOrigin HierarchyOrigin Enum


Describes the overall structure of a hierarchy.

public enum class HierarchyOrigin
public enum HierarchyOrigin
Public Enum HierarchyOrigin


AttributeHierarchy AttributeHierarchy AttributeHierarchy 2

Specifies that the hierarchy is an attribute hierarchy. Note This enumeration is not supported on versions of Analysis Services that are earlier than Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS).

ParentChildHierarchy ParentChildHierarchy ParentChildHierarchy 3

Specifies that the hierarchy is a parent-child hierarchy.

UserHierarchy UserHierarchy UserHierarchy 1

Specifies that the hierarchy is a user-defined hierarchy.


The following subroutine examines a CellSet, listing each axis and the hierarchies contained by each axis, and then displays the HierarchyOrigin value for each Hierarchy.

Public Sub ListHierarchyOrigins(ByRef CellSetToCheck As CellSet)  
    Dim SampleAxis As Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.Axis  
    Dim SampleHierarchy As Hierarchy  

    With CellSetToCheck  

        ' First, output the number of axes contained by the cellset.  
        Console.WriteLine("The cellset has {0} axes.", _  

        ' Iterate through each axis to examine the   
        ' hierarchies for each axis.  
        For Each SampleAxis In CellSetToCheck.Axes  
            Console.WriteLine("Axis '{0}' has {1} hierarchies.", _  
                SampleAxis.Name, _  

            ' Iterate through each hierarchy contained by an axis.  
            For Each SampleHierarchy In SampleAxis.Set.Hierarchies  
                ' Check the HierarchyOrigin value to determine if the  
                ' hierarchy is balanced or unbalanced.  
                Dim TempString As String  
                Select Case SampleHierarchy.HierarchyOrigin  
                    Case HierarchyOrigin.ParentChildHierarchy  
                       TempString = "Parent/Child Hierarchy"  
                    Case HierarchyOrigin.UserHierarchy  
                       TempString = "User defined hierarchy"  
                    Case HierarchyOrigin.AttributeHierarchy  
                       TempString = "Attribute Hierarchy"  
                    Case Else  
                       TempString = "unknown"  
                End Select  
                Console.WriteLine("The structure for hierarchy '{0}' is {1}.", _  
                    SampleHierarchy.Name, _  
    End With  
End Sub  

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