AttributeBindingType AttributeBindingType AttributeBindingType Enum


Defines the types for an AttributeBinding object.

public enum AttributeBindingType
type AttributeBindingType = 
Public Enum AttributeBindingType


All All All 0

Attribute is the All level.

CustomRollup CustomRollup CustomRollup 7

Defines the details of a column that provides a custom rollup formula.

CustomRollupProperties CustomRollupProperties CustomRollupProperties 8

Defines the details of a column that provides details about the properties of the custom rollup.

Key Key Key 1

Defines the unique key, which includes the data type of the key within OLAP, and the binding.

Name Name Name 2

Defines the column that provides the name of the attribute.

SkippedLevels SkippedLevels SkippedLevels 6

Defines the column that stores the number of skipped (empty) levels between each member and its parent

Translation Translation Translation 4

Represents a set of translations for the attribute, this includes (for each language) both a caption for the attribute and a binding to a column that contains the captions for the attribute values.

UnaryOperator UnaryOperator UnaryOperator 5

Defines the column that provides a unary operator.

Value Value Value 3

Contains the value of the attribute.

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