AttributeType AttributeType AttributeType Enum


Contains the different attribute types.

public enum AttributeType
type AttributeType = 
Public Enum AttributeType


Account Account Account 0

An attribute of Account type.

AccountName AccountName AccountName 1

An attribute of AccountName type.

AccountNumber AccountNumber AccountNumber 2

An attribute of AccountNumber type.

AccountType AccountType AccountType 3

An attribute of AccountType type.

Address Address Address 4

An attribute of Address type.

AddressBuilding AddressBuilding AddressBuilding 5

An attribute of AddressBuilding type.

AddressCity AddressCity AddressCity 6

An attribute of AddressCity type.

AddressCountry AddressCountry AddressCountry 7

An attribute of AddressCountry type.

AddressFax AddressFax AddressFax 8

An attribute of AddressFax type.

AddressFloor AddressFloor AddressFloor 9

An attribute of AddressFloor type.

AddressHouse AddressHouse AddressHouse 10

An attribute of AddressHouse type.

AddressPhone AddressPhone AddressPhone 11

An attribute of AddressPhone type.

AddressQuarter AddressQuarter AddressQuarter 12

An attribute of AddressQuarter type.

AddressRoom AddressRoom AddressRoom 13

An attribute of AddressRoom type.

AddressStateOrProvince AddressStateOrProvince AddressStateOrProvince 14

An attribute of AddressStateOrProvince type.

AddressStreet AddressStreet AddressStreet 15

An attribute of AddressStreet type.

AddressZip AddressZip AddressZip 16

An attribute of AddressZip type.

BomResource BomResource BomResource 17

An attribute of BomResource type.

Caption Caption Caption 18

An attribute of Caption type.

CaptionAbbreviation CaptionAbbreviation CaptionAbbreviation 19

An attribute of CaptionAbbreviation type.

CaptionDescription CaptionDescription CaptionDescription 20

An attribute of CaptionDescription type.

Channel Channel Channel 21

An attribute of Channel type.

City City City 22

An attribute of City type.

Company Company Company 23

An attribute of Company type.

Continent Continent Continent 24

An attribute of Continent type.

Country Country Country 25

An attribute of Country type.

County County County 26

An attribute of County type.

CurrencyDestination CurrencyDestination CurrencyDestination 27

An attribute of CurrencyDestination type.

CurrencyIsoCode CurrencyIsoCode CurrencyIsoCode 28

An attribute of CurrencyIsoCode type.

CurrencyName CurrencyName CurrencyName 29

An attribute of CurrencyName type.

CurrencySource CurrencySource CurrencySource 30

An attribute of CurrencySource type.

CustomerGroup CustomerGroup CustomerGroup 31

An attribute of CustomerGroup type.

CustomerHousehold CustomerHousehold CustomerHousehold 32

An attribute of CustomerHousehold type.

Customers Customers Customers 33

An attribute of Customers type.

Date Date Date 34

An attribute of Date type.

DateCanceled DateCanceled DateCanceled 35

An attribute of DateCanceled type.

DateDuration DateDuration DateDuration 36

An attribute of DateDuration type.

DateEnded DateEnded DateEnded 37

An attribute of DateEnded type.

DateModified DateModified DateModified 38

An attribute of DateModified type.

DateStart DateStart DateStart 39

An attribute of DateStart type.

DayOfHalfYear DayOfHalfYear DayOfHalfYear 40

An attribute of DayOfHalfYear type.

DayOfMonth DayOfMonth DayOfMonth 41

An attribute of DayOfMonth type.

DayOfQuarter DayOfQuarter DayOfQuarter 42

An attribute of DayOfQuarter type.

DayOfTenDays DayOfTenDays DayOfTenDays 43

An attribute of DayOfTenDays type.

DayOfTrimester DayOfTrimester DayOfTrimester 44

An attribute of DayOfTrimester type.

DayOfWeek DayOfWeek DayOfWeek 45

An attribute of DayOfWeek type.

DayOfYear DayOfYear DayOfYear 46

An attribute of DayOfYear type.

Days Days Days 47

An attribute of Days type.

DeletedFlag DeletedFlag DeletedFlag 48

An attribute of DeletedFlag type.

ExtendedType ExtendedType ExtendedType 239

An attribute of ExtendedType type.

FiscalDate FiscalDate FiscalDate 49

An attribute of FiscalDate type.

FiscalDayOfHalfYear FiscalDayOfHalfYear FiscalDayOfHalfYear 50

An attribute of FiscalDayOfHalfYear type.

FiscalDayOfMonth FiscalDayOfMonth FiscalDayOfMonth 51

An attribute of FiscalDayOfMonth type.

FiscalDayOfQuarter FiscalDayOfQuarter FiscalDayOfQuarter 52

An attribute of FiscalDayOfQuarter type.

FiscalDayOfTrimester FiscalDayOfTrimester FiscalDayOfTrimester 53

An attribute of FiscalDayOfTrimester type.

FiscalDayOfWeek FiscalDayOfWeek FiscalDayOfWeek 54

An attribute of FiscalDayOfWeek type.

FiscalDayOfYear FiscalDayOfYear FiscalDayOfYear 55

An attribute of FiscalDayOfYear type.

FiscalHalfYearOfYear FiscalHalfYearOfYear FiscalHalfYearOfYear 57

An attribute of FiscalHalfYearOfYear type.

FiscalHalfYears FiscalHalfYears FiscalHalfYears 56

An attribute of FiscalHalfYears type.

FiscalMonthOfHalfYear FiscalMonthOfHalfYear FiscalMonthOfHalfYear 59

An attribute of FiscalMonthOfHalfYear type.

FiscalMonthOfQuarter FiscalMonthOfQuarter FiscalMonthOfQuarter 60

An attribute of FiscalMonthOfQuarter type.

FiscalMonthOfTrimester FiscalMonthOfTrimester FiscalMonthOfTrimester 61

An attribute of FiscalMonthOfTrimester type.

FiscalMonthOfYear FiscalMonthOfYear FiscalMonthOfYear 62

An attribute of FiscalMonthOfYear type.

FiscalMonths FiscalMonths FiscalMonths 58

An attribute of FiscalMonths type.

FiscalQuarterOfHalfYear FiscalQuarterOfHalfYear FiscalQuarterOfHalfYear 64

An attribute of FiscalQuarterOfHalfYear type.

FiscalQuarterOfYear FiscalQuarterOfYear FiscalQuarterOfYear 65

An attribute of FiscalQuarterOfYear type.

FiscalQuarters FiscalQuarters FiscalQuarters 63

An attribute of FiscalQuarters type.

FiscalTrimesterOfYear FiscalTrimesterOfYear FiscalTrimesterOfYear 67

An attribute of FiscalTrimesterOfYear type.

FiscalTrimesters FiscalTrimesters FiscalTrimesters 66

An attribute of FiscalTrimesters type.

FiscalWeekOfHalfYear FiscalWeekOfHalfYear FiscalWeekOfHalfYear 69

An attribute of FiscalWeekOfHalfYear type.

FiscalWeekOfMonth FiscalWeekOfMonth FiscalWeekOfMonth 70

An attribute of FiscalWeekOfMonth type.

FiscalWeekOfQuarter FiscalWeekOfQuarter FiscalWeekOfQuarter 71

An attribute of FiscalWeekOfQuarter type.

FiscalWeekOfTrimester FiscalWeekOfTrimester FiscalWeekOfTrimester 72

An attribute of FiscalWeekOfTrimester type.

FiscalWeekOfYear FiscalWeekOfYear FiscalWeekOfYear 73

An attribute of FiscalWeekOfYear type.

FiscalWeeks FiscalWeeks FiscalWeeks 68

An attribute of FiscalWeeks type.

FiscalYears FiscalYears FiscalYears 74

An attribute of FiscalYears type.

FormattingColor FormattingColor FormattingColor 75

An attribute of FormattingColor type.

FormattingFont FormattingFont FormattingFont 76

An attribute of FormattingFont type.

FormattingFontEffects FormattingFontEffects FormattingFontEffects 77

An attribute of FormattingFontEffects type.

FormattingFontSize FormattingFontSize FormattingFontSize 78

An attribute of FormattingFontSize type.

FormattingOrder FormattingOrder FormattingOrder 79

An attribute of FormattingOrder type.

FormattingSubtotal FormattingSubtotal FormattingSubtotal 80

An attribute of FormattingSubtotal type.

GeoBoundaryBottom GeoBoundaryBottom GeoBoundaryBottom 81

An attribute of GeoBoundaryBottom type.

GeoBoundaryFront GeoBoundaryFront GeoBoundaryFront 82

An attribute of GeoBoundaryFront type.

GeoBoundaryLeft GeoBoundaryLeft GeoBoundaryLeft 83

An attribute of GeoBoundaryLeft type.

GeoBoundaryPolygon GeoBoundaryPolygon GeoBoundaryPolygon 84

An attribute of GeoBoundaryPolygon type.

GeoBoundaryRear GeoBoundaryRear GeoBoundaryRear 85

An attribute of GeoBoundaryRear type.

GeoBoundaryRight GeoBoundaryRight GeoBoundaryRight 86

An attribute of GeoBoundaryRight type.

GeoBoundaryTop GeoBoundaryTop GeoBoundaryTop 87

An attribute of GeoBoundaryTop type.

GeoCentroidX GeoCentroidX GeoCentroidX 88

An attribute of GeoCentroidX type.

GeoCentroidY GeoCentroidY GeoCentroidY 89

An attribute of GeoCentroidY type.

GeoCentroidZ GeoCentroidZ GeoCentroidZ 90

An attribute of GeoCentroidZ type.

HalfYearOfYear HalfYearOfYear HalfYearOfYear 92

An attribute of HalfYearOfYear type.

HalfYears HalfYears HalfYears 91

An attribute of HalfYears type.

Hours Hours Hours 93

An attribute of Hours type.


An attribute of ID type.

Image Image Image 95

An attribute of Image type.

ImageBmp ImageBmp ImageBmp 96

An attribute of ImageBmp type.

ImageGif ImageGif ImageGif 97

An attribute of ImageGif type.

ImageJpg ImageJpg ImageJpg 98

An attribute of ImageJpg type.

ImagePng ImagePng ImagePng 99

An attribute of ImagePng type.

ImageTiff ImageTiff ImageTiff 100

An attribute of ImageTiff type.

ImageUrl ImageUrl ImageUrl 238

An attribute of ImageUrl type.

IsHoliday IsHoliday IsHoliday 101

An attribute of IsHoliday type.

Iso8601Date Iso8601Date Iso8601Date 102

An attribute of Iso8601Date type.

Iso8601DayOfWeek Iso8601DayOfWeek Iso8601DayOfWeek 103

An attribute of Iso8601DayOfWeek type.

Iso8601DayOfYear Iso8601DayOfYear Iso8601DayOfYear 104

An attribute of Iso8601DayOfYear type.

Iso8601WeekOfYear Iso8601WeekOfYear Iso8601WeekOfYear 106

An attribute of Iso8601WeekOfYear type.

Iso8601Weeks Iso8601Weeks Iso8601Weeks 105

An attribute of Iso8601Weeks type.

Iso8601Years Iso8601Years Iso8601Years 107

An attribute of Iso8601Years type.

IsPeakDay IsPeakDay IsPeakDay 108

An attribute of IsPeakDay type.

IsWeekDay IsWeekDay IsWeekDay 109

An attribute of IsWeekDay type.

IsWorkingDay IsWorkingDay IsWorkingDay 110

An attribute of IsWorkingDay type.

ManufacturingDate ManufacturingDate ManufacturingDate 111

An attribute of ManufacturingDate type.

ManufacturingDayOfHalfYear ManufacturingDayOfHalfYear ManufacturingDayOfHalfYear 112

An attribute of ManufacturingDayOfHalfYear type.

ManufacturingDayOfMonth ManufacturingDayOfMonth ManufacturingDayOfMonth 113

An attribute of ManufacturingDayOfMonth type.

ManufacturingDayOfQuarter ManufacturingDayOfQuarter ManufacturingDayOfQuarter 114

An attribute of ManufacturingDayOfQuarter type.

ManufacturingDayOfWeek ManufacturingDayOfWeek ManufacturingDayOfWeek 115

An attribute of ManufacturingDayOfWeek type.

ManufacturingDayOfYear ManufacturingDayOfYear ManufacturingDayOfYear 116

An attribute of ManufacturingDayOfYear type.

ManufacturingHalfYearOfYear ManufacturingHalfYearOfYear ManufacturingHalfYearOfYear 118

An attribute of ManufacturingHalfYearOfYear type.

ManufacturingHalfYears ManufacturingHalfYears ManufacturingHalfYears 117

An attribute of ManufacturingHalfYears type.

ManufacturingMonthOfHalfYear ManufacturingMonthOfHalfYear ManufacturingMonthOfHalfYear 120

An attribute of ManufacturingMonthOfHalfYear type.

ManufacturingMonthOfQuarter ManufacturingMonthOfQuarter ManufacturingMonthOfQuarter 121

An attribute of ManufacturingMonthOfQuarter type.

ManufacturingMonthOfYear ManufacturingMonthOfYear ManufacturingMonthOfYear 122

An attribute of ManufacturingMonthOfYear type.

ManufacturingMonths ManufacturingMonths ManufacturingMonths 119

An attribute of ManufacturingMonths type.

ManufacturingQuarterOfHalfYear ManufacturingQuarterOfHalfYear ManufacturingQuarterOfHalfYear 124

An attribute of ManufacturingQuarterOfHalfYear type.

ManufacturingQuarterOfYear ManufacturingQuarterOfYear ManufacturingQuarterOfYear 125

An attribute of ManufacturingQuarterOfYear type.

ManufacturingQuarters ManufacturingQuarters ManufacturingQuarters 123

An attribute of ManufacturingQuarters type.

ManufacturingWeekOfHalfYear ManufacturingWeekOfHalfYear ManufacturingWeekOfHalfYear 127

An attribute of ManufacturingWeekOfHalfYear type.

ManufacturingWeekOfMonth ManufacturingWeekOfMonth ManufacturingWeekOfMonth 128

An attribute of ManufacturingWeekOfMonth type.

ManufacturingWeekOfQuarter ManufacturingWeekOfQuarter ManufacturingWeekOfQuarter 129

An attribute of ManufacturingWeekOfQuarter type.

ManufacturingWeekOfYear ManufacturingWeekOfYear ManufacturingWeekOfYear 130

An attribute of ManufacturingWeekOfYear type.

ManufacturingWeeks ManufacturingWeeks ManufacturingWeeks 126

An attribute of ManufacturingWeeks type.

ManufacturingYears ManufacturingYears ManufacturingYears 131

An attribute of ManufacturingYears type.

Minutes Minutes Minutes 132

An attribute of Minutes type.

MonthOfHalfYear MonthOfHalfYear MonthOfHalfYear 134

An attribute of MonthOfHalfYear type.

MonthOfQuarter MonthOfQuarter MonthOfQuarter 135

An attribute of MonthOfQuarter type.

MonthOfTrimester MonthOfTrimester MonthOfTrimester 136

An attribute of MonthOfTrimester type.

MonthOfYear MonthOfYear MonthOfYear 137

An attribute of MonthOfYear type.

Months Months Months 133

An attribute of Months type.

OrganizationalUnit OrganizationalUnit OrganizationalUnit 138

An attribute of OrganizationalUnit type.

OrgTitle OrgTitle OrgTitle 139

An attribute of OrgTitle type.

PercentOwnership PercentOwnership PercentOwnership 140

An attribute of PercentOwnership type.

PercentVoteRight PercentVoteRight PercentVoteRight 141

An attribute of PercentVoteRight type.

Person Person Person 142

An attribute of Person type.

PersonContact PersonContact PersonContact 143

An attribute of PersonContact type.

PersonDemographic PersonDemographic PersonDemographic 144

An attribute of PersonDemographic type.

PersonFirstName PersonFirstName PersonFirstName 145

An attribute of PersonFirstName type.

PersonFullName PersonFullName PersonFullName 146

An attribute of PersonFullName type.

PersonLastName PersonLastName PersonLastName 147

An attribute of PersonLastName type.

PersonMiddleName PersonMiddleName PersonMiddleName 148

An attribute of PersonMiddleName type.

PhysicalColor PhysicalColor PhysicalColor 149

An attribute of PhysicalColor type.

PhysicalDensity PhysicalDensity PhysicalDensity 150

An attribute of PhysicalDensity type.

PhysicalDepth PhysicalDepth PhysicalDepth 151

An attribute of PhysicalDepth type.

PhysicalHeight PhysicalHeight PhysicalHeight 152

An attribute of PhysicalHeight type.

PhysicalSize PhysicalSize PhysicalSize 153

An attribute of PhysicalSize type.

PhysicalVolume PhysicalVolume PhysicalVolume 154

An attribute of PhysicalVolume type.

PhysicalWeight PhysicalWeight PhysicalWeight 155

An attribute of PhysicalWeight type.

PhysicalWidth PhysicalWidth PhysicalWidth 156

An attribute of PhysicalWidth type.

Point Point Point 157

An attribute of Point type.

PostalCode PostalCode PostalCode 158

An attribute of PostalCode type.

Product Product Product 159

An attribute of Product type.

ProductBrand ProductBrand ProductBrand 160

An attribute of ProductBrand type.

ProductCategory ProductCategory ProductCategory 161

An attribute of ProductCategory type.

ProductGroup ProductGroup ProductGroup 162

An attribute of ProductGroup type.

ProductSku ProductSku ProductSku 163

An attribute of ProductSku type.

Project Project Project 164

An attribute of Project type.

ProjectCode ProjectCode ProjectCode 165

An attribute of ProjectCode type.

ProjectCompletion ProjectCompletion ProjectCompletion 166

An attribute of ProjectCompletion type.

ProjectEndDate ProjectEndDate ProjectEndDate 167

An attribute of ProjectEndDate type.

ProjectName ProjectName ProjectName 168

An attribute of ProjectName type.

ProjectStartDate ProjectStartDate ProjectStartDate 169

An attribute of ProjectStartDate type.

Promotion Promotion Promotion 170

An attribute of Promotion type.

QtyRangeHigh QtyRangeHigh QtyRangeHigh 171

An attribute of QtyRangeHigh type.

QtyRangeLow QtyRangeLow QtyRangeLow 172

An attribute of QtyRangeLow type.

Quantitative Quantitative Quantitative 173

An attribute of Quantitative type.

QuarterOfHalfYear QuarterOfHalfYear QuarterOfHalfYear 175

An attribute of QuarterOfHalfYear type.

QuarterOfYear QuarterOfYear QuarterOfYear 176

An attribute of QuarterOfYear type.

Quarters Quarters Quarters 174

An attribute of Quarters type.

Rate Rate Rate 177

An attribute of Rate type.

RateType RateType RateType 178

An attribute of RateType type.

Region Region Region 179

An attribute of Region type.

Regular Regular Regular 180

An attribute of Regular type.

RelationToParent RelationToParent RelationToParent 181

An attribute of RelationToParent type.

ReportingDate ReportingDate ReportingDate 182

An attribute of ReportingDate type.

ReportingDayOfHalfYear ReportingDayOfHalfYear ReportingDayOfHalfYear 183

An attribute of ReportingDayOfHalfYear type.

ReportingDayOfMonth ReportingDayOfMonth ReportingDayOfMonth 184

An attribute of ReportingDayOfMonth type.

ReportingDayOfQuarter ReportingDayOfQuarter ReportingDayOfQuarter 185

An attribute of ReportingDayOfQuarter type.

ReportingDayOfTrimester ReportingDayOfTrimester ReportingDayOfTrimester 186

An attribute of ReportingDayOfTrimester type.

ReportingDayOfWeek ReportingDayOfWeek ReportingDayOfWeek 187

An attribute of ReportingDayOfWeek type.

ReportingDayOfYear ReportingDayOfYear ReportingDayOfYear 188

An attribute of ReportingDayOfYear type.

ReportingHalfYearOfYear ReportingHalfYearOfYear ReportingHalfYearOfYear 190

An attribute of ReportingHalfYearOfYear type.

ReportingHalfYears ReportingHalfYears ReportingHalfYears 189

An attribute of ReportingHalfYears type.

ReportingMonthOfHalfYear ReportingMonthOfHalfYear ReportingMonthOfHalfYear 192

An attribute of ReportingMonthOfHalfYear type.

ReportingMonthOfQuarter ReportingMonthOfQuarter ReportingMonthOfQuarter 193

An attribute of ReportingMonthOfQuarter type.

ReportingMonthOfTrimester ReportingMonthOfTrimester ReportingMonthOfTrimester 194

An attribute of ReportingMonthOfTrimester type.

ReportingMonthOfYear ReportingMonthOfYear ReportingMonthOfYear 195

An attribute of ReportingMonthOfYear type.

ReportingMonths ReportingMonths ReportingMonths 191

An attribute of ReportingMonths type.

ReportingQuarterOfHalfYear ReportingQuarterOfHalfYear ReportingQuarterOfHalfYear 197

An attribute of ReportingQuarterOfHalfYear type.

ReportingQuarterOfYear ReportingQuarterOfYear ReportingQuarterOfYear 198

An attribute of ReportingQuarterOfYear type.

ReportingQuarters ReportingQuarters ReportingQuarters 196

An attribute of ReportingQuarters type.

ReportingTrimesterOfYear ReportingTrimesterOfYear ReportingTrimesterOfYear 200

An attribute of ReportingTrimesterOfYear type.

ReportingTrimesters ReportingTrimesters ReportingTrimesters 199

An attribute of ReportingTrimesters type.

ReportingWeekOfHalfYear ReportingWeekOfHalfYear ReportingWeekOfHalfYear 202

An attribute of ReportingWeekOfHalfYear type.

ReportingWeekOfMonth ReportingWeekOfMonth ReportingWeekOfMonth 203

An attribute of ReportingWeekOfMonth type.

ReportingWeekOfQuarter ReportingWeekOfQuarter ReportingWeekOfQuarter 204

An attribute of ReportingWeekOfQuarter type.

ReportingWeekOfTrimester ReportingWeekOfTrimester ReportingWeekOfTrimester 205

An attribute of ReportingWeekOfTrimester type.

ReportingWeekOfYear ReportingWeekOfYear ReportingWeekOfYear 206

An attribute of ReportingWeekOfYear type.

ReportingWeeks ReportingWeeks ReportingWeeks 201

An attribute of ReportingWeeks type.

ReportingYears ReportingYears ReportingYears 207

An attribute of ReportingYears type.

Representative Representative Representative 208

An attribute of Representative type.

RowNumber RowNumber RowNumber 237

An attribute of RowNumber type.

ScdEndDate ScdEndDate ScdEndDate 209

An attribute of ScdEndDate type.

ScdOriginalID ScdOriginalID ScdOriginalID 210

An attribute of ScdOriginalID type.

ScdStartDate ScdStartDate ScdStartDate 211

An attribute of ScdStartDate type.

ScdStatus ScdStatus ScdStatus 212

An attribute of ScdStatus type.

Scenario Scenario Scenario 213

An attribute of Scenario type.

Seconds Seconds Seconds 214

An attribute of Seconds type.

Sequence Sequence Sequence 215

An attribute of Sequence type.

ShortCaption ShortCaption ShortCaption 216

An attribute of ShortCaption type.

StateOrProvince StateOrProvince StateOrProvince 217

An attribute of StateOrProvince type.

TenDayOfHalfYear TenDayOfHalfYear TenDayOfHalfYear 219

An attribute of TenDayOfHalfYear type.

TenDayOfMonth TenDayOfMonth TenDayOfMonth 220

An attribute of TenDayOfMonth type.

TenDayOfQuarter TenDayOfQuarter TenDayOfQuarter 221

An attribute of TenDayOfQuarter type.

TenDayOfTrimester TenDayOfTrimester TenDayOfTrimester 222

An attribute of TenDayOfTrimester type.

TenDayOfYear TenDayOfYear TenDayOfYear 223

An attribute of TenDayOfYear type.

TenDays TenDays TenDays 218

An attribute of TenDays type.

TrimesterOfYear TrimesterOfYear TrimesterOfYear 225

An attribute of TrimesterOfYear type.

Trimesters Trimesters Trimesters 224

An attribute of Trimesters type.

UndefinedTime UndefinedTime UndefinedTime 226

An attribute of UndefinedTime type.

Utility Utility Utility 227

An attribute of Utility type.

Version Version Version 228

An attribute of Version type.

WebHtml WebHtml WebHtml 229

An attribute of WebHtml type.

WebMailAlias WebMailAlias WebMailAlias 230

An attribute of WebMailAlias type.

WebUrl WebUrl WebUrl 231

An attribute of WebUrl type.

WebXmlOrXsl WebXmlOrXsl WebXmlOrXsl 232

An attribute of WebXmlOrXsl type.

WeekOfYear WeekOfYear WeekOfYear 233

An attribute of WeekOfYear type.

Weeks Weeks Weeks 234

An attribute of Weeks type.

WinterSummerSeason WinterSummerSeason WinterSummerSeason 235

An attribute of WinterSummerSeason type.

Years Years Years 236

An attribute of Years type.


The attribute type provides guidance to client applications on what information the attribute might contain. After the attribute type is assigned by a client application, it only passes information. The content of the attribute and how the content is handled is the responsibility of the client application.

For more information about the types of attributes provided by Analysis Services, see Dimension Attribute Properties Reference.

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