DefaultAggregateFunction DefaultAggregateFunction DefaultAggregateFunction Enum


Specifies the aggregate function to be used by reporting tools to summarize attribute (calculated column) values.

public enum class DefaultAggregateFunction
public enum DefaultAggregateFunction
Public Enum DefaultAggregateFunction


Average Average Average 6

Use the aggregate function, AVERAGE.

Count Count Count 5

Use the aggregate function, COUNT.

Default Default Default 0

Automatically select the appropriate aggregate function based on the data type.

DistinctCount DistinctCount DistinctCount 7

Use the aggregate function, DISTINCT COUNT.

Max Max Max 4

Use the aggregate function, MAX.

Min Min Min 3

Use the aggregate function, MIN.

None None None 1

Do not use aggregate functions.

Sum Sum Sum 2

Use the aggregate function, SUM.


Use "Default" to get the appropriate aggregation based on the data type.Use "None" to indicate to the reporting tools that the attribute does not use aggregate values.

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