ErrorConfiguration ErrorConfiguration ErrorConfiguration Class


Specifies settings for handling errors that can occur when the parent element is processed. This class cannot be inherited.

[System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter("Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Design.ErrorConfigurationTypeConverter, Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Design")]
public sealed class ErrorConfiguration : System.ComponentModel.Component
type ErrorConfiguration = class
    inherit Component
Public NotInheritable Class ErrorConfiguration
Inherits Component


ErrorConfiguration() ErrorConfiguration() ErrorConfiguration()

Initializes a new instance of the ErrorConfiguration class using default values.

ErrorConfiguration(String) ErrorConfiguration(String) ErrorConfiguration(String)

Initializes a new instance of ErrorConfiguration using a named keyErrorLogFile.

ErrorConfiguration(String, Int64) ErrorConfiguration(String, Int64) ErrorConfiguration(String, Int64)

Initializes a new instance of ErrorConfiguration using a named keyErrorLogFile and an keyErrorLimit.


CalculationError CalculationError CalculationError

Gets or sets the calculation error that occurs during configuration.

KeyDuplicate KeyDuplicate KeyDuplicate

Gets or sets the KeyDuplicate property for an ErrorConfiguration object. This determines how Analysis Services handles a duplicate key error if it encounters one during processing.

KeyErrorAction KeyErrorAction KeyErrorAction

Gets or sets the action for Analysis Services to take when an error occurs on a key.

KeyErrorLimit KeyErrorLimit KeyErrorLimit

Gets or sets the number of errors allowed during processing.

KeyErrorLimitAction KeyErrorLimitAction KeyErrorLimitAction

Gets or sets the action Analysis Services takes when the key error count that is specified in the KeyErrorLimit element is reached.

KeyErrorLogFile KeyErrorLogFile KeyErrorLogFile

Gets or sets the file name for logging processing errors.

KeyNotFound KeyNotFound KeyNotFound

Gets or sets how Analysis Services responds when it encounters a referential integrity error.

NullKeyConvertedToUnknown NullKeyConvertedToUnknown NullKeyConvertedToUnknown

Gets or sets the action to be taken when a null conversion error is encountered.

NullKeyNotAllowed NullKeyNotAllowed NullKeyNotAllowed

Gets or sets the property that determines how Analysis Services processing engine handles a null key error encountered during processing.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a new, full copy of an object.

CopyTo(ErrorConfiguration) CopyTo(ErrorConfiguration) CopyTo(ErrorConfiguration)

Creates a full copy of an object into the existing object that is passed as a parameter.

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