MetadataObjectCollection<T,P> MetadataObjectCollection<T,P> MetadataObjectCollection<T,P> Class


Represents a collection of metadata objects.

public abstract class MetadataObjectCollection<T,P> : System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<T>, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<T> where T : MetadataObject where P : MetadataObject
type MetadataObjectCollection<'T, 'P (requires 'T :> MetadataObject and 'P :> MetadataObject)> = class
    interface ICollection<'T (requires 'T :> MetadataObject)>
    interface seq<'T (requires 'T :> MetadataObject)>
    interface IEnumerable
Public MustInherit Class MetadataObjectCollection(Of T, P)
Implements ICollection(Of T), IEnumerable(Of T)

Type Parameters



MetadataObjectCollection<T,P>(ObjectType, P) MetadataObjectCollection<T,P>(ObjectType, P) MetadataObjectCollection<T,P>(ObjectType, P)

Initializes a new collection of metadata objects.


Count Count Count

Returns a count of the items in the collection.

IsReadOnly IsReadOnly IsReadOnly

A Boolean indicating whether the collection is read-only.

Item[Int32] Item[Int32] Item[Int32]

Indexes by the object's index position in the collection.

Parent Parent Parent

Gets the parent object of the MetadataObject collection.


Add(T) Add(T) Add(T)

Add by Type.

Clear() Clear() Clear()

Empties the collection of all objects.

Contains(T) Contains(T) Contains(T)

A Boolean specifying whether the collection contains objects by Type.

CopyTo(T[], Int32) CopyTo(T[], Int32) CopyTo(T[], Int32)

Copies a collection to another object in the Model tree.

GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator()

Enumerates the items in a collection.

IndexOf(T) IndexOf(T) IndexOf(T)

Index lookup by Type.

Remove(T) Remove(T) Remove(T)

Remove by Type.

Explicit Interface Implementations

ICollection<T>.Clear() ICollection<T>.Clear() ICollection<T>.Clear()
ICollection<T>.CopyTo(T[], Int32) ICollection<T>.CopyTo(T[], Int32) ICollection<T>.CopyTo(T[], Int32)
ICollection<T>.Count ICollection<T>.Count ICollection<T>.Count
ICollection<T>.IsReadOnly ICollection<T>.IsReadOnly ICollection<T>.IsReadOnly
ICollection<T>.Remove(T) ICollection<T>.Remove(T) ICollection<T>.Remove(T)
IEnumerable<T>.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable<T>.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable<T>.GetEnumerator()
IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() IEnumerable.GetEnumerator()

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