NegotiateOptions.Events Property


The object provided by the application to process events raised by the negotiate authentication handler. The application may use the existing NegotiateEvents instance and assign delegates only to the events it wants to process. The application may also replace it with its own derived instance.

 property Microsoft::AspNetCore::Authentication::Negotiate::NegotiateEvents ^ Events { Microsoft::AspNetCore::Authentication::Negotiate::NegotiateEvents ^ get(); void set(Microsoft::AspNetCore::Authentication::Negotiate::NegotiateEvents ^ value); };
public Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Negotiate.NegotiateEvents Events { get; set; }
public Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Negotiate.NegotiateEvents? Events { get; set; }
member this.Events : Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.Negotiate.NegotiateEvents with get, set
Public Property Events As NegotiateEvents

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