IISOptions IISOptions IISOptions Class


public class IISOptions
type IISOptions = class
Public Class IISOptions


IISOptions() IISOptions() IISOptions()


AuthenticationDescriptions AuthenticationDescriptions AuthenticationDescriptions

Additional information about the authentication type which is made available to the application.

AuthenticationDisplayName AuthenticationDisplayName AuthenticationDisplayName

Sets the display name shown to users on login pages. The default is null.

AutomaticAuthentication AutomaticAuthentication AutomaticAuthentication

If true the middleware should set HttpContext.User. If false the middleware will only provide an identity when explicitly requested by the AuthenticationScheme. Note Windows Authentication must also be enabled in IIS for this to work.

ForwardClientCertificate ForwardClientCertificate ForwardClientCertificate

Populates the ITLSConnectionFeature if the MS-ASPNETCORE-CLIENTCERT request header is present.

ForwardWindowsAuthentication ForwardWindowsAuthentication ForwardWindowsAuthentication

If true authentication middleware will try to authenticate using platform handler windows authentication If false authentication middleware won't be added

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