CloudTask.Reactivate(IEnumerable<BatchClientBehavior>) Method


Reactivates this CloudTask, allowing it to run again even if its retry count has been exhausted.

public void Reactivate (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<Microsoft.Azure.Batch.BatchClientBehavior> additionalBehaviors = default);
member this.Reactivate : seq<Microsoft.Azure.Batch.BatchClientBehavior> -> unit
Public Sub Reactivate (Optional additionalBehaviors As IEnumerable(Of BatchClientBehavior) = Nothing)



A collection of BatchClientBehavior instances that are applied to the Batch service request after the CustomBehaviors.


Reactivation makes a task eligible to be retried again up to its maximum retry count.

This operation will fail for tasks that are not completed or that previously completed successfully (with an exit code of 0). Additionally, this will fail if the job is in the Completed or Terminating or Deleting state.

This is a blocking operation. For a non-blocking equivalent, see ReactivateAsync(IEnumerable<BatchClientBehavior>, CancellationToken).

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