PoolResizeHeaders Class


Defines headers for Resize operation.

public class PoolResizeHeaders
type PoolResizeHeaders = class
Public Class PoolResizeHeaders



Initializes a new instance of the PoolResizeHeaders class.

PoolResizeHeaders(Nullable<Guid>, Nullable<Guid>, String, Nullable<DateTime>, String)

Initializes a new instance of the PoolResizeHeaders class.



Gets or sets the client-request-id provided by the client during the request. This will be returned only if the return-client-request-id parameter was set to true.


Gets or sets the OData ID of the resource to which the request applied.


Gets or sets the ETag HTTP response header. This is an opaque string. You can use it to detect whether the resource has changed between requests. In particular, you can pass the ETag to one of the If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since, If-Match or If-None-Match headers.


Gets or sets the time at which the resource was last modified.


Gets or sets a unique identifier for the request that was made to the Batch service. If a request is consistently failing and you have verified that the request is properly formulated, you may use this value to report the error to Microsoft. In your report, include the value of this request ID, the approximate time that the request was made, the Batch Account against which the request was made, and the region that Account resides in.

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