TaskConstraints.MaxTaskRetryCount Property


Gets or sets the maximum number of retries for the task.

public int? MaxTaskRetryCount { get; set; }
member this.MaxTaskRetryCount : Nullable<int> with get, set
Public Property MaxTaskRetryCount As Nullable(Of Integer)

Property Value



Note that this value specifically controls the number of retries for the task executable due to a nonzero exit code. The Batch service will try the task once, and may then retry up to this limit. For example, if the maximum retry count is 3, Batch tries the task up to 4 times (one initial try and 3 retries). If the maximum retry count is 0, the Batch service does not retry the task after the first attempt. If the maximum retry count is -1, the Batch service retries the task without limit. Resource files and application packages are only downloaded again if the task is retried on a new compute node.

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