ConfigurationKey ConfigurationKey ConfigurationKey Class


public static class ConfigurationKey
type ConfigurationKey = class
Public Class ConfigurationKey


ClusterIdentity ClusterIdentity ClusterIdentity

The constant for cluster identity configs.

CoreSite CoreSite CoreSite

The constant for Core site configs.

Gateway Gateway Gateway

The constant for Gateway configs.

HBaseEnv HBaseEnv HBaseEnv

The constant for HBase environment configs.

HBaseSite HBaseSite HBaseSite

The constant for HBase site configs.

HdfsSite HdfsSite HdfsSite

The constant for HDFS site configs.

HiveEnv HiveEnv HiveEnv

The constant for hive environment configs.

HiveSite HiveSite HiveSite

The constant for Hive site configs.

MapRedSite MapRedSite MapRedSite

The constant for MapRed site configs.

OozieEnv OozieEnv OozieEnv

The constant for Oozie environment configs.

OozieSite OozieSite OozieSite

The constant for Oozie site configs.

Spark2Defaults Spark2Defaults Spark2Defaults

The constant for Spark2-Defaults configs.

Spark2ThriftConf Spark2ThriftConf Spark2ThriftConf

The constant for Spark2-Thrift-SparkConf configs.

SparkDefaults SparkDefaults SparkDefaults

The constant for Spark-Defaults configs.

SparkThriftConf SparkThriftConf SparkThriftConf

The constant for Spark-Thrift-SparkConf configs.

StormSite StormSite StormSite

The constant for Storm site configs.

TezSite TezSite TezSite

The constant for Tez site configs.

WebHCatSite WebHCatSite WebHCatSite

The constant for WebHCAT site configs.

YarnSite YarnSite YarnSite

The constant for Yarn site configs.

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