ClientEntity ClientEntity ClientEntity Class


Contract for all client entities with Open-Close/Abort state m/c main-purpose: closeAll related entities

public abstract class ClientEntity : Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.IClientEntity
type ClientEntity = class
    interface IClientEntity
Public MustInherit Class ClientEntity
Implements IClientEntity


ClientEntity(String, String, RetryPolicy) ClientEntity(String, String, RetryPolicy) ClientEntity(String, String, RetryPolicy)


ClientId ClientId ClientId

Gets the ID to identify this client. This can be used to correlate logs and exceptions.

IsClosedOrClosing IsClosedOrClosing IsClosedOrClosing

Returns true if the client is closed or closing.

OperationTimeout OperationTimeout OperationTimeout

Duration after which individual operations will timeout.

OwnsConnection OwnsConnection OwnsConnection

Returns true if connection is owned and false if connection is shared.

Path Path Path

Gets the name of the entity.

RegisteredPlugins RegisteredPlugins RegisteredPlugins

Gets a list of currently registered plugins for this client.

RetryPolicy RetryPolicy RetryPolicy

Gets the RetryPolicy defined on the client.

ServiceBusConnection ServiceBusConnection ServiceBusConnection

Connection object to the service bus namespace.


CloseAsync() CloseAsync() CloseAsync()

Closes the Client. Closes the connections opened by it.

GenerateClientId(String, String) GenerateClientId(String, String) GenerateClientId(String, String)

Generates a new client id that can be used to identify a specific client in logs and error messages.

GetNextId() GetNextId() GetNextId()
OnClosingAsync() OnClosingAsync() OnClosingAsync()
RegisterPlugin(ServiceBusPlugin) RegisterPlugin(ServiceBusPlugin) RegisterPlugin(ServiceBusPlugin)

Registers a ServiceBusPlugin to be used with this client.

ThrowIfClosed() ThrowIfClosed() ThrowIfClosed()

Throw an OperationCanceledException if the object is Closing.

UnregisterPlugin(String) UnregisterPlugin(String) UnregisterPlugin(String)

Unregisters a ServiceBusPlugin.

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