IBotDataStore<T> Interface


public interface IBotDataStore<T>
type IBotDataStore<'T> = interface
Public Interface IBotDataStore(Of T)

Type Parameters



FlushAsync(IAddress, CancellationToken)
LoadAsync(IAddress, BotStoreType, CancellationToken)

Return BotData with Data pointing to a JObject or an empty BotData() record with ETag:""

SaveAsync(IAddress, BotStoreType, T, CancellationToken)

Save a BotData using the ETag. Etag consistency checks If ETag is null or empty, this will set the value if nobody has set it yet If ETag is "*" then this will unconditionally set the value If ETag matches then this will update the value if it is unchanged. If Data is null this removes record, otherwise it stores

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