Project.EvaluatedItemsIgnoringCondition Property


Gets a collection of all items in a project, even those not used in the build process because a Condition attribute evaluated to false.

 property Microsoft::Build::BuildEngine::BuildItemGroup ^ EvaluatedItemsIgnoringCondition { Microsoft::Build::BuildEngine::BuildItemGroup ^ get(); };
public Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.BuildItemGroup EvaluatedItemsIgnoringCondition { get; }
member this.EvaluatedItemsIgnoringCondition : Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.BuildItemGroup
Public ReadOnly Property EvaluatedItemsIgnoringCondition As BuildItemGroup

Property Value

A BuildItemGroup containing all items in a project.


The returned BuildItemGroup contains all items in the project after wildcard and property expansion, including those that were not used during the build process due to Condition attributes evaluating to false. This property value is only generated when certain changes occur, such as a new Import element being added to the project. Adding or deleting items from this property does not impact the project.

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