ICancelableTask ICancelableTask ICancelableTask ICancelableTask Interface


Interface for tasks which can be cancelled.

public interface class ICancelableTask : Microsoft::Build::Framework::ITask
public interface ICancelableTask : Microsoft.Build.Framework.ITask
type ICancelableTask = interface
    interface ITask
Public Interface ICancelableTask
Implements ITask


Cancel() Cancel() Cancel() Cancel()

Instructs the task to exit as soon as possible, or to immediately exit if Execute is invoked after this method.

Execute() Execute() Execute() Execute()

Executes a task.

(Inherited from ITask)


BuildEngine BuildEngine BuildEngine BuildEngine

Gets or sets the build engine associated with the task.

(Inherited from ITask)
HostObject HostObject HostObject HostObject

Gets or sets any host object that is associated with the task.

(Inherited from ITask)

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