ExecutableType ExecutableType ExecutableType ExecutableType Enum


Enumeration to express the type of executable being wrapped by Tracker.exe.

public enum class ExecutableType
public enum ExecutableType
type ExecutableType = 
Public Enum ExecutableType


Managed32Bit Managed32Bit Managed32Bit Managed32Bit 3

A managed executable specifically marked as 32-bit.

Managed64Bit Managed64Bit Managed64Bit Managed64Bit 4

A managed executable specifically marked as 64-bit.

ManagedIL ManagedIL ManagedIL ManagedIL 2

A managed executable without a specified bitness.

Native32Bit Native32Bit Native32Bit Native32Bit 0

32-bit native executable.

Native64Bit Native64Bit Native64Bit Native64Bit 1

64-bit native executable.

SameAsCurrentProcess SameAsCurrentProcess SameAsCurrentProcess SameAsCurrentProcess 5

Use the same bitness as the currently running executable.

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