DbContextOptionsBuilder.UseMemoryCache(IMemoryCache) Method


Sets the IMemoryCache to be used for query caching by this context.

Note that changing the memory cache can cause EF to build a new internal service provider, which may cause issues with performance. Generally it is expected that no more than one or two different instances will be used for a given application.

This method cannot be used if the application is setting the internal service provider through a call to UseInternalServiceProvider(IServiceProvider). In this case, the IMemoryCache should be configured directly in that service provider.

public virtual Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContextOptionsBuilder UseMemoryCache (Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory.IMemoryCache memoryCache);
abstract member UseMemoryCache : Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory.IMemoryCache -> Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContextOptionsBuilder
override this.UseMemoryCache : Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory.IMemoryCache -> Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContextOptionsBuilder
Public Overridable Function UseMemoryCache (memoryCache As IMemoryCache) As DbContextOptionsBuilder



The memory cache to be used.



The same builder instance so that multiple calls can be chained.

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