RelationalEventId Enum


Values that are used as the eventId when logging messages from a relational database provider via ILogger.

public enum RelationalEventId
type RelationalEventId = 
Public Enum RelationalEventId


AmbientTransactionWarning 10

An ambient transaction is present, which is not fully supported by Entity Framework Core.

ApplyingMigration 12

A migration is being applied to the database.

ApplyingMigrationSql 18

The SQL for a migration being applied.

BeginningTransaction 5

A transaction is beginning.

ClosingConnection 4

A connection is being closed.

CommittingTransaction 6

A transaction is being committed.

CreatingDatabase 2

A database is being created.

ExecutedCommand 1

A command was executed against the database.

GeneratingMigrationDownScript 13

The revert script is being generated for a migration.

GeneratingMigrationUpScript 14

The apply script is being generated for a migration.

MigrateUsingConnection 15

Migrations are being applied on the database.

OpeningConnection 3

A connection is being opened.

PossibleIncorrectResultsUsingLikeOperator 11

Linq translation of 'Contains', 'EndsWith' and 'StartsWith' functions may produce incorrect results when searched value contains wildcard characters.

PossibleUnintendedUseOfEqualsWarning 9

Two entities were compared for equality in a LINQ query, which may not produce the desired result.

QueryClientEvaluationWarning 8

A LINQ query is being executed where some of the query will be evaluated on the client (i.e. part of the query can not be translated to SQL).

RevertingMigration 16

A migration is being reverted.

RevertingMigrationSql 17

The SQL for a migration being reverted.

RollingbackTransaction 7

A transaction is being rolled back.

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