ExchangeService.DateTimePrecision ExchangeService.DateTimePrecision ExchangeService.DateTimePrecision Property


Gets or set the degree of precision used for DateTime values returned from Exchange Web Services (EWS).This property was introduced in the Exchange Web Services (EWS) Managed API 1.2.

 property Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::DateTimePrecision DateTimePrecision { Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::DateTimePrecision get(); void set(Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::DateTimePrecision value); };
public Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.DateTimePrecision DateTimePrecision { get; set; }
Public Property DateTimePrecision As DateTimePrecision
Property Value

A DateTimePrecision object that specifies the degree of precision used for DateTime values.

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