ExchangeService.GetSearchableMailboxes(String, Boolean) ExchangeService.GetSearchableMailboxes(String, Boolean) ExchangeService.GetSearchableMailboxes(String, Boolean) Method


Gets two lists of mailboxes: a list of mailboxes that could be searched and a list of mailboxes that could not be searched for the purpose of eDiscovery. The GetSearchableMailboxes(String, Boolean) method is applicable for clients that target Exchange Online and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2013.

 Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::GetSearchableMailboxesResponse ^ GetSearchableMailboxes(System::String ^ searchFilter, bool expandGroupMembership);
public Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.GetSearchableMailboxesResponse GetSearchableMailboxes (string searchFilter, bool expandGroupMembership);
Public Function GetSearchableMailboxes (searchFilter As String, expandGroupMembership As Boolean) As GetSearchableMailboxesResponse


String String String

A value used to refine a search such as an email address or a display name.

Boolean Boolean Boolean

true to expand group membership; otherwise, false.


A collection of mailboxes that could be searched and a collection of mailboxes that could not be searched.

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