RuleErrorCode RuleErrorCode RuleErrorCode Enum


Defines the error codes that identify why a rule failed validation.

public enum class RuleErrorCode
public enum RuleErrorCode
Public Enum RuleErrorCode


ADOperationFailure ADOperationFailure ADOperationFailure 0

The Active Directory operation failed.

ConnectedAccountNotFound ConnectedAccountNotFound ConnectedAccountNotFound 1

The e-mail account specified in the FromConnectedAccounts property was not found.

CreateWithRuleId CreateWithRuleId CreateWithRuleId 2

You attempted to create a rule with an ID. The IDs of new rules are generated server side and should not be provided by the client.

DuplicatedOperationOnTheSameRule DuplicatedOperationOnTheSameRule DuplicatedOperationOnTheSameRule 5

There are multiple operations against the same rule. Only one operation per rule is allowed.

DuplicatedPriority DuplicatedPriority DuplicatedPriority 4

There are multiple rules with the same priority. A priority can have only one rule.

EmptyValueFound EmptyValueFound EmptyValueFound 3

The Value property is empty. An empty Value property is not allowed.

FolderDoesNotExist FolderDoesNotExist FolderDoesNotExist 6

The folder does not exist in the user's mailbox.

InvalidAddress InvalidAddress InvalidAddress 7

The e-mail address is invalid.

InvalidDateRange InvalidDateRange InvalidDateRange 8

The date range is invalid.

InvalidFolderId InvalidFolderId InvalidFolderId 9

The folder ID is invalid.

InvalidSizeRange InvalidSizeRange InvalidSizeRange 10

The size range is invalid.

InvalidValue InvalidValue InvalidValue 11

The value is invalid.

MessageClassificationNotFound MessageClassificationNotFound MessageClassificationNotFound 12

The message classification was not found.

MissingAction MissingAction MissingAction 13

No action was specified. At least one rule action must be specified for validation.

MissingParameter MissingParameter MissingParameter 14

The required parameter is missing.

MissingRangeValue MissingRangeValue MissingRangeValue 15

The range value is missing.

NotSettable NotSettable NotSettable 16

The property cannot be modified.

RecipientDoesNotExist RecipientDoesNotExist RecipientDoesNotExist 17

The recipient does not exist.

RuleNotFound RuleNotFound RuleNotFound 18

The rule was not found. No rules were found that match the criteria.

SizeLessThanZero SizeLessThanZero SizeLessThanZero 19

The size is less than zero.

StringValueTooBig StringValueTooBig StringValueTooBig 20

The string value is too big.

UnexpectedError UnexpectedError UnexpectedError 22

An unexpected error occurred.

UnsupportedAddress UnsupportedAddress UnsupportedAddress 21

The address is unsupported.

UnsupportedRule UnsupportedRule UnsupportedRule 23

The rule is not supported.

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