ServiceObject ServiceObject ServiceObject Class


Represents the base abstract class for all item, folder, conversation, and post item reply types.

public ref class ServiceObject abstract
public abstract class ServiceObject
Public MustInherit Class ServiceObject


IsDirty IsDirty IsDirty

Gets a value that indicates whether the object has been modified.

IsNew IsNew IsNew

Indicates whether this object exists in the Exchange database or if it is a local object that has not been saved to the Exchange database.

Item[PropertyDefinitionBase] Item[PropertyDefinitionBase] Item[PropertyDefinitionBase]

Gets the value of the specified property in this instance.

Schema Schema Schema

Gets the schema that is associated with this type of object.

Service Service Service

Gets the Exchange service for this object.


GetLoadedPropertyDefinitions() GetLoadedPropertyDefinitions() GetLoadedPropertyDefinitions()

Provides the collection of loaded property definitions.

Load() Load() Load()

Loads the first-class properties.

Load(PropertySet) Load(PropertySet) Load(PropertySet)

Loads the specified set of properties.

TryGetProperty(PropertyDefinitionBase, Object) TryGetProperty(PropertyDefinitionBase, Object) TryGetProperty(PropertyDefinitionBase, Object)

Tries to get the value of a specified property.

TryGetProperty<T>(PropertyDefinitionBase, T) TryGetProperty<T>(PropertyDefinitionBase, T) TryGetProperty<T>(PropertyDefinitionBase, T)

Tries to get the value of a specified property.

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