UniqueBody UniqueBody UniqueBody Class


Represents the body of an item that is unique to the conversation the item is part of.

public ref class UniqueBody sealed : Microsoft::Exchange::WebServices::Data::ComplexProperty
public sealed class UniqueBody : Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ComplexProperty
Public NotInheritable Class UniqueBody
Inherits ComplexProperty


BodyType BodyType BodyType

Gets the type of the unique body's text.

IsTruncated IsTruncated IsTruncated

Gets whether the unique body is truncated. The IsTruncated property is applicable for clients that target Exchange Online and versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2013.

Text Text Text

Gets the text of the unique body.


ToString() ToString() ToString()

Returns a System.String that represents the current System.Object.


Implicit(UniqueBody to String) Implicit(UniqueBody to String) Implicit(UniqueBody to String)

Defines an implicit conversion of UniqueBody into a string.

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