AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings Class



This API is now obsolete.

Settings for Azure diagnostics logging.

[System.Obsolete("This type is obsolete and will be removed in a future version. The recommended alternative is AzureBlobLoggerOptions.")]
public class AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings
type AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings = class
Public Class AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings


AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings() AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings() AzureAppServicesDiagnosticsSettings()


BackgroundQueueSize BackgroundQueueSize BackgroundQueueSize

Gets or sets the maximum size of the background log message queue or 0 for no limit. After maximum queue size is reached log event sink would start blocking. Defaults to 0.

BlobBatchSize BlobBatchSize BlobBatchSize

Gets or sets a maximum number of events to include in a single blob append batch. Defaults to 32.

BlobCommitPeriod BlobCommitPeriod BlobCommitPeriod

Gets or sets a time to wait between checking for blob log batches. Defaults to 5 seconds.

BlobName BlobName BlobName

Gets or sets the last section of log blob name. Defaults to "applicationLog.txt".

FileFlushPeriod FileFlushPeriod FileFlushPeriod

Gets or sets the period after which logs will be flushed to disk or null if auto flushing is not required. Defaults to 1 second.

FileSizeLimit FileSizeLimit FileSizeLimit

Gets or sets a strictly positive value representing the maximum log size in bytes. Once the log is full, no more messages will be appended. Defaults to 10MB.

OutputTemplate OutputTemplate OutputTemplate

Gets or sets a message template describing the output messages. Defaults to "{Timestamp:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff zzz} [{Level}] {Message}{NewLine}{Exception}".

RetainedFileCountLimit RetainedFileCountLimit RetainedFileCountLimit

Gets or sets a strictly positive value representing the maximum retained file count. Defaults to 2.

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