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CmdLineError Enum


Specifies errors that occur when you run the command-line compiler jsc.exe. This enumeration is used to create CmdLineException objects.

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

public enum class CmdLineError
public enum CmdLineError
type CmdLineError = 
Public Enum CmdLineError


AssemblyNotFound 2001

The referenced assembly '{0}' could not be found.

CannotCreateEngine 2002

Cannot create JScript engine.

CompilerConstant 2003

Cannot change value of compiler constant '{0}'.

DuplicateFileAsSourceAndAssembly 2004

Duplicate file name: '{0}' is listed as both a source file and an imported assembly.

DuplicateResourceFile 2005

Resource file '{0}' referenced more than once.

DuplicateResourceName 2006

Resource name '{0}' is not unique.

DuplicateSourceFile 2007

Duplicate file name: '{0}' is listed as a source file more than once.

ErrorSavingCompiledState 2008

Error saving compiled state: {0}.

IncompatibleTargets 2038

The value of the GenerateExecutable property is not compatible with target type '{0}'.

InvalidAssembly 2009

'{0}' is not a valid assembly.

InvalidCharacters 2036

File name '{0}' contains invalid characters (wildcard characters are not supported).

InvalidCodePage 2010

Code page '{0}' is invalid or not installed.

InvalidDefinition 2011

Definition '{0}' must be assigned a Boolean or integral value.

InvalidForCompilerOptions 2037

'{0}' is not allowed in the CompilerOptions field.

InvalidLocaleID 2012

Locale ID '{0}' is invalid or not installed.

InvalidPlatform 2039

Platform '{0}' is invalid. Specify 'x86', 'Itanium', 'x64', or 'anycpu'.

InvalidSourceFile 2014

'{0}' is not a valid source file.

InvalidTarget 2013

Target '{0}' is invalid. Specify 'exe' or 'library'.

InvalidVersion 2031

'{0}' is not a valid version string.

InvalidWarningLevel 2015

Invalid warning level specified with option '{0}'.

LAST 2039

A placeholder enumeration member that contains the same value as the last (highest) assigned enumeration value.

ManagedResourceNotFound 2022

Managed resource '{0}' was not found.

MissingDefineArgument 2018

Missing identifier for '-define:' command-line option.

MissingExtension 2019

Missing file extension for '{0}'.

MissingLibArgument 2020

Missing file specification for '-lib:' command-line option.

MissingReference 2034

Missing reference in argument list '{0}'.

MissingVersionInfo 2021

Missing version information in -assembly.version option.

MultipleOutputNames 2016

Multiple output file names specified.

MultipleTargets 2017

Multiple targets specified.

MultipleWin32Resources 2033

Cannot specify more than one Win32 resource file.

NestedResponseFiles 2023

Cannot process nested response files.

NoCodePage 2024

No code page is specified with option '{0}'.

NoError 0

No error. This is the default value.

NoFileName 2025

No file name specified with option '{0}'.

NoInputSourcesSpecified 2026

No input sources specified.

NoLocaleID 2027

No Locale ID is specified with option '{0}'.

NoWarningLevel 2028

No warning level specified with option '{0}'.

ResourceNotFound 2029

Win32 resource '{0}' was not found.

SourceFileTooBig 2032

Source file too big.

SourceNotFound 2035

Could not find source file '{0}'.

UnknownOption 2030

Unknown option '{0}'.

Unspecified 2999

Unspecified error.

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