AccessEntry AccessEntry AccessEntry Class


Represents a user, workgroup, enterprise, federation, or public entity and the associated privacy level.

public ref class AccessEntry : Microsoft::Lync::Model::Internal::UCWLite
public class AccessEntry : Microsoft.Lync.Model.Internal.UCWLite
Public Class AccessEntry
Inherits UCWLite


Id Id Id

Gets the access entry id.

InnerObject InnerObject InnerObject Inherited from UCWBase
Permission Permission Permission

returns the permission the access entry assigned.

Scope Scope Scope

Gets the access entry scope.


CanClearPermission() CanClearPermission() CanClearPermission()

Returns true when allowed to clear assigned permission.

CanSetPermission(AccessPermission) CanSetPermission(AccessPermission) CanSetPermission(AccessPermission)

Returns true when allowed to set to a specific permission.

ClearPermission() ClearPermission() ClearPermission()

Clear the permission that assigned to this access entry.

SetPermission(AccessPermission) SetPermission(AccessPermission) SetPermission(AccessPermission)

Set this access entry to a specific permission.

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