ContactSetting ContactSetting ContactSetting Enum


Represents the settings that can be applied locally to a contact.

public enum class ContactSetting
public enum ContactSetting
Public Enum ContactSetting


AccessLevel AccessLevel AccessLevel 805306369

Returns the privacy relationship of a contact expressed as an AccessLevel enumerator.

DefaultContactEndpoint DefaultContactEndpoint DefaultContactEndpoint 1073741828

The default collaboration endpoint (SIP or TEL URI) for this contact.

ExchangeServiceEntryId ExchangeServiceEntryId ExchangeServiceEntryId 2

Read-only, Entry ID of an Exchange contact if the contact is an Exchange contact. String.

Invalid Invalid Invalid -1
Source Source Source 805306371

Read-only, Shows the contact source. ContactSourceTypes enum.

Tagged Tagged Tagged 268435456

Returns true if a notification is shown when the presence of a tagged contact is changed.

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