Member Member Member Class


Specifies a master data member or row of data.

public ref class Member : Microsoft::MasterDataServices::DataContractBase
[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCode("System.Runtime.Serialization", "")]
[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="Member", Namespace="")]
public class Member : Microsoft.MasterDataServices.DataContractBase
Public Class Member
Inherits DataContractBase


Member() Member() Member()

Initializes a new instance of the Member class.


Attributes Attributes Attributes

Gets or sets an array of attributes.

AuditInfo AuditInfo AuditInfo

Gets or sets audit information.

Collections Collections Collections

Gets or sets an array of master data collections that includes collection type parent members.

ExtensionData ExtensionData ExtensionData

Gets or sets the structure that contains extra data.

(Inherited from DataContractBase)
MemberId MemberId MemberId

Gets or sets the ID of the member.

Parents Parents Parents

Gets or sets an array that includes parents of the member from explicit hierarchies.

SecurityPermission SecurityPermission SecurityPermission

Gets or sets the authorization of the user for the member.

TransactionAnnotation TransactionAnnotation TransactionAnnotation

Gets or sets the annotation of a transaction.

ValidationStatus ValidationStatus ValidationStatus

Gets or sets the validation status.

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