TextCatalog.RemoveDefaultStopWords(TransformsCatalog+TextTransforms, String, String, StopWordsRemovingEstimator+Language) Method


Create a CustomStopWordsRemovingEstimator, which copies the data from the column specified in inputColumnName to a new column: outputColumnName and removes predifined set of text specific for language from it.

public static Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.StopWordsRemovingEstimator RemoveDefaultStopWords (this Microsoft.ML.TransformsCatalog.TextTransforms catalog, string outputColumnName, string inputColumnName = default, Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.StopWordsRemovingEstimator.Language language = Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.StopWordsRemovingEstimator+Language.English);
static member RemoveDefaultStopWords : Microsoft.ML.TransformsCatalog.TextTransforms * string * string * Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.StopWordsRemovingEstimator.Language -> Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.StopWordsRemovingEstimator
Public Function RemoveDefaultStopWords (catalog As TransformsCatalog.TextTransforms, outputColumnName As String, Optional inputColumnName As String = Nothing, Optional language As StopWordsRemovingEstimator.Language = Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text.StopWordsRemovingEstimator+Language.English) As StopWordsRemovingEstimator



The transform's catalog.


Name of the column resulting from the transformation of inputColumnName. This column's data type will be variable-size vector of text.


Name of the column to copy the data from. This estimator operates over vector of text.


Langauge of the input text column inputColumnName.




using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Microsoft.ML;
using Microsoft.ML.Transforms.Text;

namespace Samples.Dynamic
    public static class RemoveDefaultStopWords
        public static void Example()
            // Create a new ML context, for ML.NET operations. It can be used for
            // exception tracking and logging, as well as the source of randomness.
            var mlContext = new MLContext();

            // Create an empty list as the dataset. The 'RemoveDefaultStopWords'
            // does not require training data as the estimator 
            // ('StopWordsRemovingEstimator') created by 'RemoveDefaultStopWords'
            // API is not a trainable estimator. The empty list is only needed to
            // pass input schema to the pipeline.
            var emptySamples = new List<TextData>();

            // Convert sample list to an empty IDataView.
            var emptyDataView = mlContext.Data.LoadFromEnumerable(emptySamples);

            // A pipeline for removing stop words from input text/string.
            // The pipeline first tokenizes text into words then removes stop words.
            // The 'RemoveDefaultStopWords' API ignores casing of the text/string
            // e.g. 'tHe' and 'the' are considered the same stop words.
            var textPipeline = mlContext.Transforms.Text.TokenizeIntoWords("Words",
                "WordsWithoutStopWords", "Words", language: 

            // Fit to data.
            var textTransformer = textPipeline.Fit(emptyDataView);

            // Create the prediction engine to remove the stop words from the input
            // text /string.
            var predictionEngine = mlContext.Model.CreatePredictionEngine<TextData,

            // Call the prediction API to remove stop words.
            var data = new TextData() { Text = "ML.NET's RemoveDefaultStopWords " +
                "API removes stop words from tHe text/string. It requires the " +
                "text/string to be tokenized beforehand." };

            var prediction = predictionEngine.Predict(data);

            // Print the length of the word vector after the stop words removed.
            Console.WriteLine("Number of words: " + prediction.WordsWithoutStopWords

            // Print the word vector without stop words.
            Console.WriteLine("\nWords without stop words: " + string.Join(",",

            //  Expected output:
            //   Number of words: 11
            //   Words without stop words: ML.NET's,RemoveDefaultStopWords,API,removes,stop,words,text/string.,requires,text/string,tokenized,beforehand.

        private class TextData
            public string Text { get; set; }

        private class TransformedTextData : TextData
            public string[] WordsWithoutStopWords { get; set; }

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