CalculatedMember CalculatedMember CalculatedMember Interface


Represents the calculated fields and calculated items for PivotTables with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) data sources.

public interface class CalculatedMember
public interface CalculatedMember
Public Interface CalculatedMember


Use the Add(String, String, Object, Object) method or the Item[Object] property of the CalculatedMembers collection to return a CalculatedMember object.

With a CalculatedMember object you can check the validity of a calculated field or item in a PivotTable using the IsValid property.

Note The IsValid property will return True if the PivotTable is not currently connected to the data source. Use the MakeConnection() method before testing the IsValid property.


_Default _Default _Default

Reserved for internal use.

Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the Excel application.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which this object was created.

DisplayFolder DisplayFolder DisplayFolder

Gets the display folder name for a named set.

Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic

Gets whether the specified named set is recalculated with every update.

FlattenHierarchies FlattenHierarchies FlattenHierarchies

Gets or sets whether items from all levels of the hierarchy of the specified named set are displayed in the same field of a PivotTable report based on an OLAP cube.

Formula Formula Formula

Returns the member's formula in multidimensional expressions (MDX) syntax.

HierarchizeDistinct HierarchizeDistinct HierarchizeDistinct

Gets or sets whether to order and remove duplicates when displaying the hierarchy of the specified named set in a PivotTable report based on an OLAP cube.

IsValid IsValid IsValid

Returns a Boolean that indicates whether the specified calculated member has been successfully instantiated with the OLAP provider during the current session.

MeasureGroup MeasureGroup MeasureGroup

Returns the associated measure group. Read-only.

Name Name Name

Returns the name of the object.

NumberFormat NumberFormat NumberFormat

Returns an XlCalcMemNumberFormatType value that represents the number format of the calculated member. The default value is xlNumberFormatTypeDefault. Read-only.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent object for the specified object.

ParentHierarchy ParentHierarchy ParentHierarchy

Returns the name of the current parent hierarchy from the hierarchies that are available on the cube. Read-only.

ParentMember ParentMember ParentMember

Returns the name of the parent member for the parent hierarchy. Read-only.

SolveOrder SolveOrder SolveOrder

Returns an Integer specifying the value of the calculated member's solve order MDX (multidimensional expression) argument. The default value is zero.

SourceName SourceName SourceName

Returns the specified object’s name as it appears in the original source data for the specified PivotTable report.

Type Type Type

Returns the calculated member type.


Delete() Delete() Delete()

Deletes the object.

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