PivotTable.DiscardChanges PivotTable.DiscardChanges PivotTable.DiscardChanges Method


Discards all changes in the edited cells of a PivotTable report based on an OLAP data source.

 void DiscardChanges();
public void DiscardChanges ();
Public Sub DiscardChanges ()


For a PivotTable report based on an OLAP data source, the method removes all values and formulas entered in value cells, and then runs a PivotTable update operation to retrieve the latest values from the data source. It sets the data source value to a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) for all value cells that are edited, and also executes a ROLLBACK TRANSACTION statement against the OLAP server.

If you try to execute this method for a PivotTable report based on a non-OLAP data source, this method generates a run-time error.

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