Speech Interface


Contains methods and properties that pertain to speech.

public interface class Speech
public interface Speech
Public Interface Speech


Use the Speech property of the Application object to return a Speech object.

Once a Speech object is returned, you can use the Speak(String, Object, Object, Object) method of the Speech object to play back the contents of a string.

Note: There is a speech feature in the setup tree that pertains to Dictation and Command & Control that does not have to be installed.



Returns or sets the order in which the cells will be spoken.


Microsoft Excel supports a mode where the active cell will be spoken when the ENTER key is pressed or when the active cell is finished being edited. Setting the SpeakCellOnEnter property to True will turn this mode on. False turns this mode off.


Speak(String, Object, Object, Object)

Microsoft Excel plays back the specified text string.

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